Johan Belfrage

Johan is an enzyme technology scientist by training and carried out his PhD at the Department of Biochemistry at Lund University in Sweden where he studied the mechanisms of enzymes hydrolysing pre-treated biomass into the fermentable sugars and more specifically the positive effects that surface active additives has on the enzyme performance.

Following his PhD, Johan joined the enzyme development company (Novozymes) where he led R&D partner collaborations and joint development activities with the aim to develop both enzyme products and enzyme application processes for improved feasibility of biomass bio-refineries. 

On his spare time Johan is a passionate runner and takes every opportunity to go for a training run and participate in ultra trail running events.

Johan relocated to Scotland in early 2016 and started as a Project manager for a medical device company in Dundee before transitioning over to IBioIC as a Senior Business development Coordinator in 2017 with a specific focus on business engagement by working with Scottish companies to raise awareness of applications and benefits of industrial biotechnology.