Yingying Li

Yingying joined IBioIC as the Rapid Bioprocess Prototyping Centre’s Lab Facility Manager in September 2016 and is responsible for its daily management. She is happy to see the centre is getting better and busier and expects more projects.

Yingying received her degree and PhD in Biology in KULeuven, Belgium, in July 2016. Throughout her PhD, she carried out fundamental and applied research in the field of bioethanol production – developing robust industrial yeast strains for xylose fermenting combined with inhibitor tolerant in lignocelluloses hydrolysates, improving the halotolerance of yeast strains, investigating the causative genes using next generation whole genome sequencing technologies.

Don't be surprised come crossing her in the museums or cathedrals during weekends. Exploring the English/Scottish culture is one of her favourites.

Getting in touch:

0044 (0)141 5482614