Our Fact-finding projects are typically used to provide a proof of concept for further work which can lead to larger scale research programmes.

If you would like to discuss the potential for a Fact-finding project, please get in contact with our Projects Team.


Case study

One such example of a recent project is with Advanced Microwave Technologies (AMT) working in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh.

Project Partners: Advanced Microwave Technologies – University of Edinburgh
Value: £22,305 IBioIC funding, Total cost £105,447
Project: Improved Recovery of High Value Materials from Biomass
Advanced Microwave Technologies’ unique Microwave volumetric heating (MVH)™ process allows the continuous heating of materials at commercial scales. 

This Fact-finding project assessed the potential application of the process to depolymerise plant biomass using a laboratory-scale instrument.

The project outcomes demonstrated that AMT’s MVH™ process could be successfully utilised to enhance the breakdown of lignin and enable release of soluble phenolic compounds and carbohydrates with potential high value in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Find out more about AMT and their work here: www.advancedmicrowavetechnologies.com