Validating a potential ethanol toxicity reducing additive from vegetable waste- CelluComp and the University of Edinburgh

Dr Clément Regnault is a metabolomics data analyst at Glasgow Polyomics, a facility that analyses ‘omic data for customers from academia and industry.

Clément’s background is in parasitology, and he likes to maintain his interest in Leishmania parasites while analysing the broad range of projects that come across his desk at the Polyomics facility. Clément describes his day job as “working out the meaning behind biological changes”. His skills in metabolomics, microbiology and biochemistry are critical to helping customers get the most from their data.

Working with industrial partners is a great opportunity for Clément as he decides where his career will take him. Clément’s current role means that he has access to both industry and academia and he enjoys seeing how the two worlds work. Before working on his current project with CelluComp, Clément was involved in a project with Celtic Renewables, another IBioIC member, looking at biochemical changes during ABE fermentation. In the future, Clément would like to stay in scientific research, whether in academia or industry and would like to maintain some input in the lab.

The project with CelluComp has been a great experience for Clément as he is able to spend some time in the lab, while gaining practical experience of downstream processing.

Clément’s top tips for PDRAs considering an industrial project would be:

  • Be willing to work hard on optimisation, as companies often focus on optimisation to ensure their processes are as efficient as possible.
  • Be willing and open to try new ideas.