Accelerating scale up of the ABUNDA® bioprocess – 3fBio and the University of Strathclyde

Dr Gareth Westrop has strong links to IBioIC as a supervisor on the IBioIC MSc and a Personal Development Advisor for IBioIC students working with companies. His background in molecular biology, enzymology and biochemistry lends itself well to industrial projects and Gareth enjoys working with industrial partners. Working with industry has also helped Gareth provide knowledge exchange evidence to demonstrate the impact of his work to the academic community.

Currently, Gareth is working with 3fBio on scale up of their ABUNDA® production processes using his metabolomics and transcriptomics skills. Gareth is well supported by Strathclyde University and has access to all the equipment he needs including Ion Torrent™ and Illumina® sequencers. Communication within the project team is excellent and results are deposited into an online resource so that the team have access to the latest data. The project partners work very closely together and Gareth enjoys passing on his skills to the 3fBio scientists.

Gareth is looking towards retirement, but before he goes, he is looking to disseminate his skills and knowledge to the scientific community. He feels that some of the skills he has learned from IBioIC industrial projects include good project management, which he will be able to use within as well as outside of work.

Gareth’s top tips for future IBioIC PDRAs are:

  • Maintain close contact with the industrial partner so that you really know what they want.
  • Ensure that everyone sees the results you generate and has the opportunity to comment.