A Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Edinburgh working with ScotBio to optimise phycocyanin purification from algae.

Dr Livia Scorza has an extensive background in plant biology and enjoys working on interdisciplinary projects to solve research questions and industrial issues in detection and processing.

She has leant her expertise to a range of projects from understanding how plants respond to environmental cues to developing and testing low cost technologies. In her current role, Livia is optimising the downstream processing of algal extracts using a 3D printed chromatography column to purify C-phycocyanin.

Livia has worked with project partners all over the World – from Sao Paulo to Wageningen and has experience in plant development, image phenotyping, as well as a range of molecular biology and biochemistry techniques.

Livia is drawn to industrial projects as she likes to develop practical solutions to ongoing problems, but she also enjoys answering academic questions due to the deeper understanding and scientific rigour these require. She also volunteers with the university press office to promote the communication of scientific breakthroughs to the public.

Working on the project with ScotBio has allowed Livia an insight into how an industrial lab operates as well as an appreciation of how the scale of industrial labs can pose specific problems not seen in academia. Communication within the project team was good and ScotBio were very clear about their needs from the project, which has helped everything to run smoothly.

Livia’s top tips for working on short, industrial projects are:
• Be ready to adapt quickly to changes
• Compromise! - find solutions to differing interests that suit both academic and industrial partners