Bespoke affinity-matrices for purification of next generation immune modulating synthetic biologics - Alfacyte and the University of Edinburgh

Ashita is completing her PhD studies while working on the industry-led project with Alfacyte and University of Edinburgh. She is aiming to apply Synthetic Biology tools to develop new generation of hybrid biologics with potential applications in immunotherapy.

Having completed her Master’s degree in Microbiology, Ashita decided to move towards Molecular Biology, Cell Signalling and Protein Crystallography which she had a chance to explore when she occupied her previous research assistant roles. She decided to apply for the collaborative project so that she could get a taste of working with industry – she is very keen to see results of her contribution in a form of a product which could be useful for the general public.

Ashita is finding the project rewarding and enjoyable. She always maintains great relations with her PI and the industrial partner who provide excellent support all the way through her research. Ashita’s favourite aspect of the project is the fact that the area has not been extensively studied before and that there is a viable chance of developing something novel. She is looking forward to next stages of her work which will be focused on investigating molecular level of cells. In the future, Ashita would like to develop her career either in an academic research group or in industry working as a part of R&D department. Most importantly, she wants to continue doing what she is passionate about and what she enjoys.