Metabolomics Specialist at EdinOmics, the University of Edinburgh

Dr Tessa Moses brings her metabolomics expertise to several IBioIC funded industrial projects including on projects with CelluComp, Unilever and GSK. Having previously worked on engineering Saccharomyces for saponin production and sensing in Ghent, Belgium and the John Innes Centre, Norwich, Tessa is now exploiting her knowledge in engineering biology and analytical techniques at Edinomics.

Tessa enjoys working at the interface between academia and industry and is excited by the translational research that this type of project affords. She likes to see her work being applied and taken to the next level by the industrial partners, but it is important to her to stay in academia so that she can share what she learns without barriers. In her current role, Tessa spends around 20% of her time in the lab and enjoys thinking about difficult research questions and analysing data.

Tessa has always enjoyed good communication with her project partners and feels that they have been very good at sharing data and ideas. She thinks that IBioIC are an important part of the project team for mediation between the project partners should issues arise. Out of the lab, Tessa is interested in science communication and is keen to spread her passion for science by making it more accessible to the general public. 

Tessa’s Top tip for working on industrial projects: Be open and communicate any issues with your project partners as soon as they arise.