Using a new mini-chromosome for synthetic biology in Pichia pastoris – Ingenza and the University of Edinburgh

Dariusz is based at the University of Edinburgh and has worked on a number of industry-led projects including with Twist Bioscience and Ingenza. His work focusses on the development of platforms for the rapid assembly of genetic constructs in yeasts for generating various valuable products. Dariusz’s work will be of interest to a number of IBioIC member companies interested in engineering yeast to produce biological products.

Dariusz completed his Master’s degree in biotechnology followed by a PhD in molecular biology.  He is an experienced PDRA, having previously held a number of roles in the UK and abroad, working mainly with yeasts and Escherichia coli.  His main areas of expertise are in molecular and synthetic biology.  Industry-led projects appeal to Dariusz as they focus on specific targets and offer a high potential to generate impact in scientific application. Although he has really enjoyed working in academia on collaborative projects with companies, in the future he would consider moving towards a role in industry. Ideally, he would like to continue his work at the bench, as he enjoys the practical side of science most.

Recently, Dariusz and the Ingenza project team were successful in their application to IBioIC to extend their successful work on developing a platform for glycoprotein production using mini-chromosomes.  It is hoped that this platform will allow Pichia pastoris to be used in glycoprotein manufacturing for clinical applications. The work is due to kick off soon and Dariusz is looking forward to a new challenge.