The Rapid Bioprocess Prototyping Centre (RBPC) is located at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow and houses the most advanced technology to rigorously assess the potential of new cell lines, bio-products or novel approaches to bioprocessing. The facility is focused around the bioprocess stages up to an industrially compatible scale (15 litres STR reactors) and has the facilities to address the following:

  • Phenotypic Micro-Arrays. High throughput culture systems where a broad picture of the construct’s metabolism can be rapidly gained to guide the next culture stage
  • Mini-scale parallel processing via multiple 1 litre scale STR reactors
  • Transfer to industrially compatible scale and process design space validation via fermentanomics (metabolomics analysis of scaled fermentation processes)
  • Bioprocess model including scale-up criteria


For general enquiries and new user bookings, please contact our Facility Manager at rapidbio@ibioic.com

Registered users can book through our online system opposite.

IBioIC is part of BioPilotsUK, the alliance of open access biorefining centres