What we offer

As an open access equipment centre, we are highly flexible and aim to support both clients with expert knowledge and those who required additional support to progress the development of their bioprocesses.  Our lab team can provide a range of levels of practical support catered to an individual client needs.

We have the capability and equipment to provide the following services:

  • Technical trouble-shooting support in fermentation processes, analytical method, and purification techniques
  • Tailored solutions to your needs and specifics through experimental plan design and consultancy.
  • Undertake lab bench experiments through to large-scale pilot demonstration proof of concept on behalf of a client and deliver a full data report on the desired monitored parameters.
  • Process development of bioprocesses (mammalian or microbial) from experimental design to final product
  • Process feasibility demonstration using scaled-down process-ready equipment
  • Metabolomic and proteomic analysis of bioprocesses (mammalian and microbial)
  • Protein production and purification from mammalian or microbial culture
  • Solvent handling capability for chemical industry applications
  • Phenotypic strain screening and selection
  • Rapid media optimisation
  • Parallel fermentation and bioprocess development using Design of Experiments (up to 12 simultaneous process-typical fermentations)
  • Cost-effective, efficient bioprocess / fermentation development
  • Bioprocess analytical method development including in-line montoring
  • Project Management support

If you want to know more about the level of support that we can offer and the associated costs, please contact our Facility managers: