Would you like to play a pivotal role in the development of a company which, although currently small, is bursting at the seams with ambition and ideas for further growth?

IBioIC member company Celignis is looking for a high calibre person to manage and grow our chromatography lab. This will involve the development of new analytical methods and the supervision/validation of existing methods. A key part of the job will be to effectively use our QTOF system for profiling biomass feedstocks to find high-value constituents, to be a Celignis Biomass Detective! We envisage this being a key component in the future growth of the company.


This will be a challenging but highly rewarding role. The chosen candidate should be motivated to not only pursue the current goals laid out in Celignis’s latest business plan but to also be pro-active and ambitious in putting forward new ideas and strategies that will enable the company to significantly enhance its market presence.

At Celignis no-one works on their own, we are a team working together to make a real difference in the world. We are looking for someone brimming with ideas and strategies for advancing our analytical and biomass profiling activities and with the confidence and communication skills to ensure that those ideas are heard both inside and outside the company.

Experience Required

Hands-on experience in chromatography equipment and method development is key. In particular, experience in QTOF and MS equipment would be a major plus.

Above everything, we are looking for energy, enthusiasm, and dynamism to accelerate this Irish-based company to be a globally-recognised name. We are looking for someone that leads by example and whose activities will be an inspiration for existing and future employees.

See the full job description and apply.