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We seek excellent scientists across a range of biology disciplines to join the academic staff of the University of Edinburgh and help shape tomorrow’s world.
We are recruiting up to 6 new lecturers: in synthetic biology, stem cell biology, molecular crop science, mass spectrometry, computational biology and biochemistry.

Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in Synthetic Biology (vacancy ref: 042732)
We seek an excellent scientist and inspiring teacher who uses synthetic biology methods in research programmes such as genome engineering, biotechnology, metabolic engineering, genetic circuit design and engineering (both in vivo and cell free), bio-sensing, multi-cellularity and tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, novel vaccine development or addresses key questions in molecular or cell biology. The Edinburgh Genome Foundry’s facilities for automated DNA assembly can support large-scale synthetic biology and synthetic genomics research and we would be particularly enthusiastic about research programmes that took advantage of these capabilities.

Closing date – March 22nd

Contact – Prof Susan Rosser

Lecturer in Biological Mass Spectrometry (vacancy ref: 042692)
We seek an excellent scientist and inspiring teacher who applies mass spectrometry (MS) in innovative ways to tackle major challenges in biology. We are looking for researcher who is addressing key questions in areas such as cell biology, structural biology, immunology, microbiology, biotechnology or systems biology, by exploiting the unique sensitivity, accuracy and resolving power of modern and emerging MS techniques.

Closing date – April 5th 2018

Contact – Prof Paul Barlow

Lecturer in Computational Biology (vacancy ref: 042673)
We seek an excellent scientist and inspiring teacher who uses and develops computational and modelling techniques to address key questions in biology. We welcome applications from researchers in all areas of computational biology, and we are particularly looking for those working in the following fields: metabolism, such as the application of flux balance analysis and the analysis and interpretation of data from metabolomics and fluxomics experiments; multi-scale modelling of biological systems, including formal modelling techniques and stochastic modelling; and data science approaches to biological research, including the analysis of data from next generation sequencing.

Closing Date - 13th March 2018

Contact – Prof Peter Swain or Prof Guido Sanguinetti

Lecturer in Molecular Crop Science (vacancy ref: 042668)
We seek a creative scientist and inspiring teacher who applies molecular approaches to address important fundamental and translational questions in plant biology that are relevant to crop improvement and food security.

Closing Date – March 15th

Contact – Prof Andrew Hudson


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