1. Introduction
A key activity of IBioIC is the support of industrially relevant PhD Projects that bring biotechnology closer to industrialization. IBioIC currently manage a PhD portfolio which includes IBioIC and BBSRC funded projects, all delivered as part of our Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP).
All IBioIC project applications are assessed by way of competition. This is a call for PhD Projects to enter this competition for projects commencing October 2020. This call is in addition to the previous call issued in June 2019 (Call for Projects #7) and only includes IBioIC funded projects at 50% intervention. The following information sets out the rules, processes and guidelines on how this competition will be operated.  IBioIC reserves the right to alter these processes in order to comply with the imposed timetable.  Any changes of process will be notified to all entrants. IBioIC will not defer start date beyond October 2020. Successful applicants will be expected to recruit a student to start in October 2020.

2. Criteria for PhD Projects
For any PhD Project to be considered for either funding stream it must meet the minimum criteria set out in the project competition paper.

3. Value and Funding
For IBioIC-funded studentships, a maximum of 50% cash funding is available towards the cost of the studentship. The maximum contribution available is calculated and fixed at time of application based on published stipend/fees with an assumed 2.5% uplift for inflation in addition to a maximum annual consumables, travel and training budget of £5000. Therefore, the maximum contribution from IBioIC is £51,150 per studentship.

4. Number of PhD Projects to be Awarded
The call is looking to award up to 2 IBioIC-funded CTP studentships, depending on quality of submissions. Awarded PhD Studentships must be 4 years in duration. Awarded PhD Studentships must be 4 years in duration.

5. Cohort Training Programme
All PhDs awarded as part of this competition will be considered to be a Member of the IBioIC CTP. As a Member of the IBioIC CTP the conditions set out in the project competition paper must be met.

6. How to Enter
In order to enter this competition, the IBioIC CTP PhD Project #7a Application Form must be completed together with the ‘PhD funding template’ spreadsheet. Please ensure you read the full project application details prior to submission.

The Project Lead should complete the Entry Form and submit their entry to the IBioIC Skills Team (skills@ibioic.com) before midday 24th April 2020.

The intention is to keep entry requirements to a minimum whilst still supplying enough information to allow reviewers to make an informed decision on the relative merit of each project.  The Review Panel may request further information on the Project.

IBioIC & BBSRC PhD Project Competition Project Paper October 2020
IBioIC & BBSRC PhD Project Competition Application October 2020
IBioIC Funding TemplateOct 2020
BBSRC PhD Project Competition October 2020