“All the experience that I gained this year helped me in my career path and right after the end of my placement I had a job offer by one of the world's largest clinical laboratory services provider”

The MSc in Industrial Biotechnology is an unique collaborative twelve month educational programme, with teaching spread across a number of Scottish HEI’s. It also offers students valuable exposure to and experience in an industrial environment.

What Vasiliki said

I was looking for a course which would expand the knowledge I acquired during my first degree, which was in the medical side. The thing that really appealed to me about the MSc programme was the fact that it would help combine learning in industrial biotechnology and medical fields. My favorite module was Renewable Energy Technologies, because I found learning about how many different sources produce energy really interesting. I was also given the opportunity to learn about so many new developments and technologies that I would not know through any other course.

I also spent ten weeks on industrial placement with uFraction8 in Falkirk, and had the opportunity to work on a brand-new method called “microfluidic technology” that I didn't know before. It really helped me develop my communication and organisational skills. More specifically, I learned how to be part of a team and to overcome difficulties in order to carry out each task successfully. 

All the experience and knowledge I gained helped me in my career path, as I got a job offer by one of the world's largest clinical laboratory service. By attending this course and through the ten week industrial placement, I achieved my goal to combine my medical and industrial biotechnology skills to do something so important which will improve human health


What uFraction8 said

“Vasiliki’s work exceeded our expectations and we would be very willing to take on more MSc students in the future”

uFraction8 develops technology for liquid-particle separation and processing, mainly for biomanufacturing market but also exploring other market possibilities such as the one pursued by both IBioIC MSc students.

Vasiliki worked on our new project of digestate separation. Their work was very useful for company development, to help us decided whether to proceed into this market. They worked with a range of different samples from collaborating with other companies and produced a very useful suite of results along with helpful analyses and comments.

Ten week industrial placements are great opportunity to engage with upcoming biotechnology stars of the future, and give them an opportunity within real life industrial biotechnology laboratories, which definitely helps progress their future careers.