This course is run in our pilot-scale facility at Heriot Watt University. Content is aimed at scientists, engineers, suppliers, post graduate students and postdocs wishing to learn more about bioprocessing and the biotech sector. Part theory, part practical, the course introduces the most common fermentation operations performed in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical production facilities.

Course content typically covers:

Theory Session

  • Basic principles of fermentation
  • Host strain selection
  • Growth medium development
  • Process types and optimisation

Practical Session

  • Principles of bioreactor technology and parameter control
  • Inoculation Train: How to prepare your seed culture to volume
  • Sterilisation in place (SIP) of 30L fermenter
  • Pre-run preparation (setup and calibration)
  • Inoculation and initial growth
  • Sampling, sensors, automation, data collection and analysis
  • Understanding changes in nutrient levels and their correlation to growth phases
  • Harvest and post-cultivation disinfection, CIP & cleaning

Further details on when this course will run and how to book a place can be found on the Scale-Up Centres website.