ThermoFisher Custom Services are offering an exclusive discount for IBioIC members only For their research services including gene editing/ cell line engineering, custom Ambion siRNA libraries, custom peptides, custom antibodies and antibody scale up and custom tagman and OEM.

With award winning brands and over 25+ years of experience of custom solutions, we would like to offer you access to our expertise.
• Dedicated Project Management
• Access to world-class expertise
• A vast technology IP portfolio
• Dedicated end to end custom workflows
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Popular research services include:

Gene Editing/Cell line Engineering
• TAL or CRISPR Knock-out/Knock-in/Deletion, IPSc Cell Line Services.
Custom Ambion® siRNA libraries
• Custom and predefined libraries for siRNA (Silencer® Select or Silencer®) and miRNA (mirVana).
Custom Peptides
• Numerous options for synthesis platforms, purity levels, modifications, and formats to meet a variety of research needs. Standard peptides, PEPotec Immuno Peptide libraries, and peptides for Targeted Quantitation.
Custom Antibodies & Antibody scale up
• Custom development & labelling of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. Monospecific antibodies against a broad range of modifications. Hybridoma expansion of up to 100 liters. Multiple-bandwidth Alexa dyes.
Custom Taqman® & OEM
• The TaqMan® Custom Plating service offers the convenience of TaqMan® Assays pre-plated according to your specifications, with reduced hands-on effort and assay-pipetting error.

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