The RSE Enterprise Fellows have been announced, including the first co-funded by IBioIC.

Sunil Sharma, of the University of St Andrews has been co-funded by IBioIC and the RSE. His project is BioXBox (Enzymatic Halogenation Chips).  As explained by RSE, Carbon-Halogen (C-X) bonds are critical to the activity of over 20% of clinically used pharmaceuticals and more than 80% of agrochemicals. However, these bonds are challenging to selectively install into molecules using traditional chemistry. Sunil’s research is focused on enzymes that can make these bonds in a green and efficient manner, directing the exact position of C-X formation so that only one product is formed. He has developed a concept for BioXBox flow chips, containing immobilised enzymes that offer an enzymatic solution to C-X formation. Simple and small, these devices can function on the microscale and allow substrate to be added on one side, and product to flow out the other side.

IBioIC was also delighted to see the inclusion of Alexander McVey, funded by BBSRC. Alexander's company, OGI Bio, has worked with IBioIC for some time and have an IBioIC PhD starting in October. 

See the full announcement and list of winners on the RSE website.