Wanted - IBioIC Members to host a 3-day work experience placement for a teacher!

Industrial Biotechnology (IB) is yet to be embedded in the curriculum for excellence, a significant barrier to inspiring the next generation of IB employees. 

STEM Learning is seeking employers willing to provide 3 days of work experience or job shadowing for a teacher to gain an understanding of the future employment opportunities and support young people to make career decisions based on opportunities of the future, not the past.

"Before the programme, I didn't feel I had sufficient knowledge of STEM careers to talk with confidence. Now I am equipped with up-to-date knowledge, real examples and experiences as well as strong industry links that can benefit the whole school." Insight into industry placement - Alice Kupara, subject leader of ICT and computer science


How will the Placements work?

Employer hosts are being sought to host a STEM or guidance teacher to embed knowledge of the four grand challenge themes and future career opportunities offered by Grand Challenge employers.

Host employers will provide a placement of a minimum of 3 days (this could be 3 day block or 3 x 1 days eg 3 consecutive Fridays).  This will provide an opportunity for teachers to see research and development in practice and learn what future technologies will offer in terms of careers and job roles, from the very people who are developing those future technologies right now.

If you’d like to take part or find out more information please contact


Why should I get involved?

Impact on career leaders and teachers:

  • professionally life-changing, increased enthusiasm, motivation and confidence
  • better informed to offer advice and guidance on potential career choices
  • pre and post-placement online and face-to-face CPD to help turn your experience into effective action

Impact on young people and parents:

  • increased awareness of the importance and relevance of Grand Challenge themes to society, and the role these will play in relation to people’s everyday lives and the UK economy
  • increased knowledge of future career pathways available to young people who study STEM subjects and gain the STEM skills needed to adapt to working with new technologies and the opportunities they present, improving life choices
  • increased enjoyment and engagement in Grand Challenge themed curricular and extra-curricular activities
  • greater understanding of apprenticeships and their value

Impact on schools or colleges:

  • equips schools and colleges to respond to the Government Careers Strategy and transform careers guidance
  • motivational STEM teaching enriched with real-world context and examples
  • meets Gatsby benchmarks 4, 5 and 6
  • builds a community of practice, with a network of school/industry experts who can support other colleagues in schools and colleges


What are the Grand Challenges?

The Government's Industrial Strategy sets out four key Grand Challenge themes, aimed at putting the UK at the forefront of future industry. Each challenge focuses on a specific real-world problem, and each of these problems offers a real opportunity to enthuse and inspire young people in their learning.

  1. Artificial intelligence: Using data, AI and innovation to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases by 2030.
  2. Ageing society: Ensure that people can enjoy at least 5 extra healthy, independent years of life by 2035.
  3. Clean growth: At least half the energy use of new buildings by 2030.
  4. Future mobility: Put the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of zero-emission vehicles, with all new cars and vans effectively zero emission by 2040.


How they fit with IB

IB is a really useful tool which uses biology (and materials which come from plants) to make all kinds of useful things that we use in our everyday lives.  Up until recently most of these things have been manufactured by the chemical industry, but IB offers alternative sustainable processes to produce all of the products we need without any of the detrimental effects to our world.

IB has application in all of the Grand Challenges – production of medicines and sustainable materials to manufacture them, clean energy, encouraging the circular economy and reducing gas emissions from vehicles.

If you’d like to take part or find out more information please contact