A pair of Scottish entrepreneurs are aiming to go global with their hope of replacing palm oil with oil from used coffee grounds.

IBioIC member company Revive Eco are in the news today following an interview on BCC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme.

Scott Kennedy and Fergus Moore have come up with a unique way to extract oil from used coffee grounds.

Palm oil is found in many household products, but environmentalists say demand for it is devastating rainforests in Asia and manufacturers are under pressure to find alternatives.

Mr Kennedy and Mr Moore came up with their idea while working in coffee shops during their time studying business at Glasgow's Strathclyde university, and saw first-hand the amount of food waste in the hospitality industry. Around 60% of a coffee shop's waste is used coffee grounds, which are heavy and cost businesses a significant amount to dispose of. Revive Eco have developed a way to extract oil from these used grounds which has the same componenents as palm oil. This means that it could be used in place of palm oil in everything from cosmetics to food and drink and household products.

They are aiming to get the process up and running in Glasgow by 2020, before looking to expand to a global market.

Revive Eco are representing Scotland and Northern Ireland in the Chivas Venture competition, with a funding pot of £776,000. The first £100,000 is allocated via public vote, and a win for the company would enable them to launch their first industrial coffee ground processing plant, increasing their processing capacity and disrupting a range of international industries in order to deliver maximum impact across the globe.