University of Strathclyde spin-out company and IBioIC member 3fBio have won the Most Novel Protein Process Technology Award at the Bridge2Food awards this week.

Bridge2Food is an organisation which builds bridges between food professionals and this week held their 11th Protein Summit in Lille, France. 

The food and protein markets will evolve massively in the coming years. The demand for protein remains high. 'High' protein is hot in Western worlds, the consumer awareness of the benefits of plant-based foods is growing, prices for dairy protein are soaring again, new proteins and technologies have come to market. Debates on the availability of proteins and the impact on food security, economy and geo-politics, as well as the impact of protein production on the climate will intensify. Global transition is imminent in the food, petfood and feed industries.

The Summit brought together Industry and Public Policy Leaders to discuss, build and shape future strategies in close cooperation.

Bridge2Food and Village by CA North of France have joined forces to maximise the impact of the Awards and really make steps to advance and accelerate change for a better food world. Village by CA is a network of start-up accelerators set up by Credit Agricole, a leading global bank of French origin. Village by CA networks counts 26+ accelerators and supports nowadays 500+ start-ups and federates 400+ corporate, academic and inistitutional partners.

The Bridge2Food Protein Innovation Awards are designed to promote and celebrate industry and research innovation in all sectors, applications and foods related to both animal and plant-based innovations.

The Village by CA Awards are highlighting innovation by start-ups* in the area of plant-based only, be it: plant-based foods and ingredients, industrial plant-based process and technology, agtech as well as services & solutions to promote and amplify plant-based protein consumption.
* Below 2 million turnover and younger than 5 years, and not being part of a larger (multi-national company)