The face-to-face interactions that take place when you play a board game can be a powerful way to develop conversation around some of society’s biggest issues, like the climate emergency.

Working in the biotechnology sector, we routinely use words and phrases (jargon) to communicate with each other that simply aren’t mainstream.  I don’t mean we all need to resort to using the “top ten hundred words” concept of Up-Goer Five by Theo Sanderson, but bioeconomy, biorefining and feedstocks are not well understood, so are not the topics of conversation they could be.

Learning about the bioeconomy using competitive fun
The biotechnology products and processes being developed by industry and academia have the potential to contribute to the economic growth of the sector - the bioeconomy.  Successful growth doesn’t just rely on these products being available, society will need to support, adopt and provide demand for them.  How better to introduce the concept than through some healthy competition around a tabletop game?

The prototype
The aim of the game is to build your company portfolio, secure your feedstock(s) and make sure you have a skilled workforce to build your capability.  The IBioIC Skills Team have partnered with Focus Games to produce a prototype, which will be on show at the #IBioIC20 conference.  Visit the IBioIC stand to take a look and give the team your feedback on the concept and playability. 

Opportunity for brand awareness
Your biotechnology product, process or support service provision could feature in this self-starting game.  Your brand and how you contribute to the bioeconomy reaching thousands of schools, community groups and families.  We are taking a crowdfunding approach to sell locations on the board to raise the funds required to produce the first 200 copies. 

In return for your investment, you’ll receive 5 copies of the game to use as an outreach collateral or simply donate to local schools or uniformed groups for example.  The remaining copies will be used by the IBioIC student STEM Ambassadors as an easy starting point to their public engagement commitments.  Additional copies will be produced on demand by Focus Games, and retail at £30.

Bioeconomy or bust?
Don't miss out!  Limited space available.  Contact info@ibioic.com to register interest or visit the IBioIC stand at the conference.