Skills Manager Rachel Clark blogs about an upcoming CPD course on risk communications.

Leading by example - Upskilling the IBioIC team
Upskilling our own team is a side-line of the Skills Programme Manager role I’ve enjoyed over the last year.  Whether that’s using the team to test out a new course or training provider before offering to members or to increase our own awareness about a business area that we need to support members with.

Risk communication
Ten of our outward facing staff had the opportunity to do just that back in the summer, with risk communication expert and Global Scot Andrew Powell.  Andrew was recommended to us from colleagues at Scottish Enterprise, who knew of his expertise in risk communication and how important it is for companies to have an awareness of or even expertise in this in house.

Industrial biotechnology (IB) is disrupting the status quo
Organisations across the breadth of IB are harnessing technological advances, which enable more sustainable ways to create products that consumers demand - synthetic biology can “brew” complex natural products like medicinal cannabis or supply apples that don’t bruise (see attached flyer).  Biorefining has created new demand for complex by-product mixtures from the food and drink sector that used to be given to farmers as cattle feed.  But with this disruption comes risk to the status quo.

What did we learn?
Not everyone may view innovation in the same way you do.  Sounds obvious? 
To obtain a social licence for your product or to establish a new paradigm you’ll need public and political support throughout your innovation journey.  The approach you should take doesn’t just involve increasing someone’s technical knowledge - people need to know you care about what’s important to them, before they care about what you know.

An opportunity not to be missed…

During Andrew’s next visit to the UK he will be delivering a 1-day masterclass on Risk Communication, which could be essential to the success of your innovation journey.

Register now and you will be introduced to the concepts you need to use to address a risk you are currently facing in your innovation journey, whether it’s the public acceptance of a new product or service, or you are challenging the status quo in the use of repurposing a feedstock for your process.  Using the guiding principles of trust determination, attention span theory and negative dominance, you will be supported to spend the afternoon reviewing your risk and drafting a message map for your issue or question.