International recognition and access to the skills of the industry once again identified as key reasons for joining IBioIC at our latest members-only networking event.

There was plenty of lively discussion at IBioIC’s first Summer Social Networking Event and BBQ at Edinburgh’s Glasshouse Hotel on Tuesday 4th June. Around 40 of our member companies were in attendance, representing a mix of established companies, start-ups, SMEs and even academics.

As ever, the key take away for us was the importance of the networking opportunities and community spirit fostered by IBioIC’s member events and activities, and we were delighted to hear people talk about the benefit they get from having the chance to meet new contacts, reconnecting with colleagues, learning new things and discovering new projects.

The quickfire member presentations focused on two key points: their specific areas of interest pertinent to their business and why companies value being part of IBioIC’s membership. Representing new member Altar, a French based biotechnology company active in the field of microbial strain development and enzyme discovery,  was Simon Trancart, who said the company was attracted to IBioIC’s membership for the access and an introduction to skills that people within the network have, and pointed out that Scotland is a great place to do business because of its size and the relative ease of access to key decision makers. Dr Jan Mumme, of Carbogenics, a longstanding member of IBioIC’s community who make the innovative carbon technology CreChar, noted that they have received international recognition of their work as a result of being introduced to prospective clients and the academic community through IBioIC.

Others highlighted their journeys and reflected on what has changed since they started up or joined the network, and many commented on the growth of the industry as a whole. Indeed, the industrial biotechnology sector in Scotland has doubled in size in the last five years, now being worth more than £350m and putting us well on track to meet the targets set out in the National Plan for IB.

Our CEO Roger Kilburn rounded off the formal part of the day by highlighting how rich our network is, with diverse backgrounds and industries within the biotechnology spectrum and was enthused by all that is being achieved to date.

Of course, we were also delighted that the weather was mostly on our side, and while a few brave souls ventured outdoors in the light drizzle that naturally started just as the BBQ kicked off, many remained inside to renew old acquaintances, connect with new ones and share insights and ideas over beer, cocktails and burgers.

IBioIC connects industry with academic expertise and government to accelerate and de-risk commercialisation to bring new biotechnology processes and products to the global market. It does this by offering scale-up facilities, talent development, funding provision, and promotion of Scotland’s unique assets.

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