IBioIC invited members to an event at University of Strathclyde on 11th October to meet Dr Debra Carr from the Defence and Security Accelerator to introduce the Scottish industrial biotechnology community to the DASA research and innovation programme.

DASA was created to find and fund exploitable innovation which supports the UK defence, security and blue light communities (ambulance, fire and police emergency services). DASA has access to an £800M Defence Innovation Fund, and has a cross-government remit with support from the MOD, Home Office, and the Armed Forces.

The DASA competition environment drives innovation faster and turns great ideas into front line usable products, policies, processes and services. DASA are now actively seeking out the brightest opportunities through outreach, scouting, market intelligence and networks, to bring together talented, like-minded people from industry, academia and small and medium sized enterprises (SME) to compete, collaborate and develop solutions that range from an idea on a page to ready-to-use products.

The research programme has a broad remit around health and safety for all people and examples of where biotechnology based innovation can play a significant role are around the detection of both chemical and biological hazards in the field, or around medical applications aimed at easier patient diagnosis, analysis and recovery.

Dr Carr presented the main themes of the funding programme that the accelerator are running. Dr Carr’s presentation provided many examples of the kind of applications which are currently in focus within the defence, security and blue light communities.

The informal event provided an overview of the DASA research remit and funding opportunities and the kind of innovation which would be eligible for seeking support through DASA’s various funding competitions, and gave delegates plenty of opportunity to openly discuss ideas that could be of interest to this sector.

The advantage of seeking support from DASA is that both companies and universities can seek support independently, applications are evaluated quickly, and awarded projects are 100% funded.

Currently three competitions are open for applications:
- Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) Open Call for Innovation
- New competition: Biosensing across wide areas
- Don’t Blow It! Safely eliminating chemical and biological munitions on the battlefield

If you missed this event, or just want further information, please contact Johan Belfrage: johan.belfrage@ibioic.com, Tel: +44 141 574 5371