We are having a makeover! As we move into our next phase of activity, we thought it would be a good time to give our branding a good shake-out and freshen things up.

We’re delighted to have been able to work with Two Fifths Design on this project, which started with a general refresh of our document styling and developed into a full update of our logo and colour scheme.

Steve from Two Fifths worked with our marketing department and CEO to understand what IBioIC does and how we’re unique in the IB landscape. Talking about just how dynamic the IBioIC team is, how exciting IB is as a suite of technologies and how progressive the ideas are, added to the fact that IBioIC is now an established player in the IB landscape, we ultimately came to the conclusion that our logo and branding could better reflect both our reputation in the industry, our future aspirations, and the energy and vibrancy of the technologies, concepts and people we work with. But, we also wanted to maintain the recognisability of our original logo and build on the positive brand value already created through almost five years of dedication and hard work by the IBioIC team.

The result, which we’ll be launching in September, is an updated logo with a more refined, bespoke font, a new colour scheme which is both vibrant and distinctive, and a suite of new marketing collaterals will support our activities into the future.