On 21st December, the skills team took our HND students on a tour of the labs at Ingenza and Flexbio.

In what turned out to be an extremely successful day, our HND cohort joined us for the morning at Ingenza's offices at Roslin Biocentre for a short presentation and then a tour of the laboratory facilities. We all then hopped over to Heriot Watt University for lunch and a tour of the FlexBio facility lead by our Technical Director, Ian Archer, and Loris Fossier Marchan, our Technical Project Lead.

Everyone had a great time, and our students were very impressed with the equipment at both facilities and had lots of questions for the Ingenza team and for Loris and Ian. It’s clear that we’ve got a great bunch of highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals on the Glasgow Clyde College HND programme and we're looking forward to seeing where their careers take them next.