IBioIC works with schools and colleges in Scotland to raise awareness of industrial biotechnology and the careers and higher education paths available to students in this industry. Attending events hosted by schools, colleges and industry organisations, IBioIC’s STEM ambassadors engage students in the industrial biotechnology sector by highlighting the role it plays in within various industries and discuss how and why they themselves got involved in IB.

"SFDF would like to express their gratitude to IBioIC and their STEM Ambassadors.  Their input in the form of presentations and practical application of science to the real world of work at our recent "Inspiring the Future in Food" was invaluable to us. It enabled teachers and pupils to understand how science is used in a wide variety of different careers and the breadth and depth of science and technology that is used throughout the food industry and helped to highlight the range of career opportunities that are available".
Moira Stalker, National Co-ordinator, Scottish Food and Drink Federation Schools Programme

“My sincere thanks for coming to the Garnock Academy Positive Destination event on Friday.  It was a great success and this could not have been achieved without your attendance and support. This is the 3rd year we have held such an event and it improves year on year. It is extremely beneficial to all pupils, whether they are looking to progress to university, college or employment.” 
Judith Stirling, Acting PT Pastoral Support, Garnock Academy.

The outreach programme provides IBioIC with the opportunity to explore the current STEM education landscape and the knowledge to best address the skills gap that is affecting the industry. By presenting at schools and attending various STEM education events, IBioIC is fostering new networks with local authorities, education professionals and careers advisors whilst at the same time sharing knowledge and expertise, and championing best practice.

Securing the future of industrial biotechnology in Scotland

With the various academic courses and STEM outreach programmes, IBioIC is a leading player in providing the backbone of the burgeoning industrial biotechnology industry in Scotland, equiping students with the best skills possible for a career in IB and its associated sectors. This is achieved through the growing and collaborative network of academics and industry professionals, enabling IBioIC to provide Scotland with a comprehensive skills programme that directly mirrors the advances and innovations in the industry it is helping to secure.