Industrial Biotechnology is still in its infancy in Scotland, but the foundations for a strong and vibrant industry are there. With Chemical Sciences as an already established large strategic asset, a growing Life Science sector and an appetite of government for expansion of Renewable energy and sustainable technology, the market drivers are in place. This has been recognised in The National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology published in 2013 which sets out targets for the delivery of a more established industry by 2025.

Much has been made of the country’s unique landscape and wealth of natural resources being available for feedstocks but there are well established industries, facilities and academic knowledge which also set us apart. Scotland has key strengths for developing the sector including:

  • Natural resources providing unique feedstocks
  • Strong Industrial leadership groups actively establishing IB in Scotland
  • Academic excellence - Scotland hosts 17 HEI’s active in IB
  • Industrial competitiveness - a diverse company base from SMEs to Multinationals
  • International competitiveness making Scotland attractive for inward investment
  • Skilled workforce proficient in IB processes

These combined make IB a priority sector for Scottish government.